Unmasked: Racism and Discrimination as Determinants of Health Inequity

In early December 2022, the Lancet advised of a new Lancet Series on Racism, Xenophobia, Discrimination, and Health.

Key findings of the Series include:

  • Racism, xenophobia, and discrimination are fundamental determinants of health and must be considered as such when considering approaches to public health.
  • The health consequences of racism, xenophobia and discrimination occur in every context that has been studied and can be similar for the related categories of caste, ethnicity, Indigeneity, migratory status, race, religion, and skin colour.
  • History and current practice prove that discriminatory ideology has shaped science and research, and how they are interpreted.
  • The precursors to discrimination are the two core structural processes of separation, whereby individuals see themselves as different from others, and hierarchical power.
  • Ill health and health inequities are affected by racism, xenophobia, and discrimination through a host of structural factors and their historical and political roots; interpersonal discrimination cannot be tackled without addressing these complex processes.
  • Populist leaders and policies can exploit populations using racist, xenophobic, and discriminatory ideologies that minoritise people and lead to poor health

Following an approach from Collaborative member, World Wellness Group (Qld), Professor Delanjathan Devakumar, the lead for the Series, has kindly agreed to present at our first hybrid webinar.

Other speakers will include our Coordination Group members:

  • Dr Chris Lemoh (Head Of Unit, General Internal Medicine at Western Health (Vic)). Chris gave a presentation as part of a keynote plenary on Systemic Racism at the FECCA 2022 National Conference in Melbourne last June.
  • Professor Helen Skouteris (Head, Health and Social Care Unit, Monash University).

The final details of the event are currently being finalised by the Collaborative Secretariat, World Wellness Group and Monash University. At this stage we can confirm the following:

Date: 27 April
Time: 4.30pm to 7.00pm
Attendance: In person or virtually
Venue: Monash University, Melbourne (free parking available after 4.00pm
Cost: None. When registering, you will be asked to consider a donation to support the unfunded asylum seeker health services provided by World Wellness Group.

We will be in touch as soon as possible to confirm arrangements and advise as to how to register your attendance!

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