National Own It Cervical Screening Campaign

Campaign Callout 2024

We’re looking for women and people with a cervix aged 25-74 to share their cervical screening journeys. Express your interest to be featured in the National Own It Cervical Screening Campaign.

Who We Need:

We’re seeking 13 people from the following backgrounds:

  • First Nations
  • Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese-speaking)
  • Indian (Hindi and Punjabi-speaking)
  • Vietnamese
  • Arabic-speaking
  • People with a physical or intellectual disability

As part of the campaign, you will be filmed, photographed, and record voiceovers to help motivate others to get screened. We aim to represent a diverse community through our selection process. To participate, you should be confident on camera, able to convey emotions, and comfortable discussing sexual health and cervical screening. Experience with the Cervical Screening Test is beneficial but not essential.

Participants will receive $800 for their half-day involvement, with travel and accommodation expenses covered if applicable. You will be featured in ads across various media platforms, including TV, YouTube, and print, reaching audiences nationwide.

The National Own It Cervical Screening Campaign aims to raise awareness about the importance of cervical screening and the benefits of the self-collect test. Participants will share their experiences and perspectives on cervical screening to educate and motivate others. If selected, you’ll be invited to a film shoot and voice recording session, both scheduled on the same day in Sydney. This session will last up to half a day, during which you’ll discuss your screening journey to help dispel myths and encourage regular screening.

To get involved, express your interest by completing the form and, if you like, attach a short video explaining your thoughts on the Cervical Screening Test and how you would motivate your community to get screened.

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