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Individual Consumer Member

For people using health, wellbeing or social care services

Full Membership

  • Individual consumers from multicultural/migrant/refugee backgrounds
  • Health consumer organisations with a primary focus on advocating on behalf of such consumers.

Associate membership

  • Health consumer organisations that are inclusive of consumers from multicultural/migrant/refugee backgrounds
Research Member

For individual researchers or research organisations

Full membership

  • Individual Researchers from multicultural/migrant /refugee backgrounds
  • Research Organisations whose primary focus is research on multicultural health and wellbeing


Associate membership

  • Individual Researchers or organisations with an interest in or a significant contribution to research on multicultural health and wellbeing
Health & Wellbeing Member

For individual practitioners or organisations in health & wellbeing or social care

Full membership

  • Practitioners from multicultural/migrant /refugee backgrounds
  • Organisations whose primary focus is service delivery to people from such backgrounds.

Associate membership 

  • Practitioners working with people from multicultural/migrant/refugee backgrounds
  • Organisations that are inclusive in their service delivery of people from such backgrounds.
National Affiliate Member

Affiliate members are national organisations that do not have a primary focus on CALD health and wellbeing but seek to engage at the national level (e.g. Heart Foundation, Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations, Dementia Australia, Palliative Care Australia etc.).

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