Response to the Role and Functions of an Australian Centre for Disease Control

The Australian Multicultural Health Collaborative has recently submitted a response to the Consultation Papers of the Role and Functions of an Australian Centre for Disease Control (ACDC). It specifically focuses on issues relating to Australia’s culture and language diversity which we believe should be considered in the development, establishment and operation of the proposed ACDC.

Australia has never been more culturally and linguistically diverse. The most recent Census showed that almost half of Australians have at least one parent born overseas (48.2 per cent) and the population continues to be drawn from around the world, with 27.6 per cent reporting a birthplace overseas (ABS, 2021).

Our submission is grounded in experience and based on learnings drawn from:

  • shortcomings in the initial response to COVID-19;
  • significant national deficits in the collection and reporting of data relating to culture and language diversity;
  • expertise from consumers, practitioners and researchers participating in the Collaborative; and
  • previous advocacy led by FECCA aimed at ensuring that these issues are appropriately considered in the development of national health strategies, plans, programs and initiatives.

For more information, please download our response using the link below.

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